Monday, January 24, 2011

Deep Freeze

Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE WINTER, so the fact that January has been an extremely cold and snowy month has been the biggest obstacle for me to overcome in my quest to being a local tourist. The mere thought of venturing out into the streets when the temperature is in the minus teens (or more with the wind chill factor) makes my teeth chatter and my body shiver while still inside the house!
I am trying really hard to keep an open mind though, so as I walk my kids to school each day, I try and take notice of what nature has to offer during this season of deep freeze in Toronto. On days when the sun is shining bright, the sparkle of the crisp white snow makes me smile and when new snow has fallen, I love the way it looks like icing sugar has been sprinkled onto every branch of every tree.
Last week, I was awed by a hawk taking a break in the tree in my backyard and just the other day, a cardinal caught my eye, his red plumes strikingly bold against the stark white backdrop of my snow-covered garage. And of course there are the squirrels who scurry about in search of their summer stashes. How funny they are when they lift up their furry little noses sporting snow moustaches!
So, as much as I grumble and fuss about the greyness and the cold and the snow and the slush, I will admit that beauty can be found as long as one bundles up and opens one's eyes.

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